What is Travel Nursing?

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Travel nursing is an exciting, refreshing way to experience a nursing career while visiting new places and earning an extremely attractive salary. For RNs who love to travel, are having trouble finding job opportunities at home, or just want a different kind of nursing experience, travel nursing is a popular way to explore the nation, your state, or even just your hometown, all while meeting new people and enjoying great benefits.

How Travel Nursing Works

travel nursingWhile some cities across the country have too many nurses and not enough jobs, other places have too much work and not enough trained RNs. These locations bring in travel nurses – RNs who travel from another part of the country to work a temporary (usually 13-week) assignment in a hospital in need of extra nurses. Hospitals may need travel RNs for any department, including emergency, intensive care, maternity, the operating room, or any other area where trained personnel are in short supply (see: Travel Nurse Specialties). Because of this, nurses with experience in one or more specialties are the most valuable in travel nursing positions. Normally, travel nurses need to be licensed RNs (also see: Benefits of Becoming an RN).

Travel nurses work alongside the hospital’s permanent staff, under the same charge nurses, and often with other travel nurses. Some travel RNs even get to know other travelers, building friendships that last far beyond one assignment.

What Travel Nurses Do

Travelers perform essentially the same duties they would perform as a permanent staff member according to their specialty, and may work part-time or full-time depending on the hospital’s need. Travel RNs will sometimes work night shifts, and other times day shifts depending on the hospital’s staffing needs. Travel nurses can also take per diem shifts at their assigned hospital, or at other hospitals in the area, to earn extra income if their schedule allows.

While on an assignment, travel RNs also enjoy the many benefits of travel nurse employment, from free housing to insurance coverage and other valuable travel nurse benefits. For trained RNs with nursing school under their belts and the right experience, travel nursing provides the freedom to explore the world, with the stability of a lucrative job everywhere you go.

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