Travel Nurse Specialties

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travel nurse specialtiesHospitals across the country have great need for trained travel nurses in all specialties. Since hospitals hire travel nurses due to limited permanent staff resources, they generally need travel nurses in all kinds of specialties, from the ER to PACU and everywhere in between. These travel nurses perform the same basic work as the facility’s permanent staff nurses, and may work alongside permanent staff as well as other travel nurses.

At least one year of recent travel nursing experience is preferred for any travel RN specialty. The more specialties you have, the easier it is for you to find a good travel nursing job. See Travel Nursing Requirements to get an idea of what is needed to be a travel nurse. Remember, while on assignment you can build your training in any specialty through continuing education, which is usually covered by your travel RN benefits.

Your travel nursing specialty may also influence the amount of demand you will experience, the amount of work you receive, and possibly your travel nurse salary. Currently ER travel nurses and OR travel nurses are in extremely high demand, as are L&D travel nurses. Be sure to tell your recruiter about any specialties you have, so they can work to place you into a great job.

Here are some of the specialties travel nurses can find employment in:

If you are experienced in any of the above specialties, or have experience in an unusual specialty,  Speak to a recruiter today to find out what hospitals are looking for your skills.

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