Travel Nurse Salary Info

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A travel nurse salary is one of the most generous in the nursing industry, and travel nurses are often paid higher than hospital permanent staff. Travel nurse salary is part of what makes travel nursing such a popular option for licensed RNs. Here is a brief overview of travel nurse salary and bonuses.

Travel Nurse Base Salary / Earnings

Low-End Salary High-End Salary
Hourly Wage $25 per hour $50 per hour
Annual Salary $52,000 per year $104,000 per year

Annual salary figures based on a 40-hour work week

Travel nurses generally earn between $30 and $50 per hour while on assignment, though the actual figure varies based on employer, region, specialty, demand, level of experience and other factors. RNs with hard-to-find specialties typically earn a higher salary, as do more experienced nurses. Less desirable locations usually pay significantly more than more desirable locations because of a smaller, less permanent workforce and the need to remain competitive.

Travel Nurse Salary Bonuses

Aside from regular travel nurse base pay, many agencies offer various types of bonus in order to compete in the job placement market. Some recruitment agencies offer a loyalty bonus of a few hundred dollars for nurses who complete an assignment. Some also offer a referral bonus for nurses who refer other nurses to the agency. One agency offers rate matching in order to compete with other agencies. Be sure to ask your recruiter what additional salary bonuses are available.

Other Travel Nurse Pay

While on assignment, travel nurses are reimbursed by their recruiting companies for any expenses related to school, licensing, and other forms of professional advancement. They may also receive housing, insurance and travel reimbursement as part of their pay packages. See benefits for more information on perks outside of base pay.

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