Travel Nurse Jobs

Since travel nursing jobs are usually managed by travel nurse recruiters, the best way to find out what jobs are currently available is to speak to a recruiter. However, our Featured Travel Nursing Jobs page is one place to see what opportunities are available today.

A few places to browse current travel nurse job listings are:

Even if you do not have direct access to travel nurse job listings, it is still helpful to recruiters if you know specifically what you are looking for regarding location, specialty, or even facility. This page will give you an idea of what locations and which facilities frequently offer travel nurse jobs, and what specialties they look for the most.

Best Locations for Travel Nurse Jobs

The most popular option for travel RNs is to find travel nursing jobs in California. The unique combination of year-round great weather, popular destinations, and good pay make California one of travel nurses’ favorite job locations.

In-Demand Specialties for Travel Nurse Jobs

The most sought-after travel nurse job specialties are typically:

However, the travel nurse specialty being sought depends only on the job, and others are regularly in high demand. For explanations of other popular travel nurse job specialties, see our list of travel nursing specialties.

Tips on Landing Travel Nurse Jobs

Besides knowing where you want to work and having a strong specialty, there are a few other qualities recruiters look for when filling travel nurse jobs. This short list will help you get the job you want once you are working with a recruiter.

  • Have some experience. Most facilities require at least 1-2 years of nursing experience before they will consider a candidate for a job, and hence recruiters prefer the same. It is not necessary to have specific travel nursing experience, but that is helpful, too. Facilities just want to know you can be relied on to jump in like a pro.
  • Meet all of the requirements. Details, such as having a complete nursing file, can make or break your candidacy when it comes down to a close race. Having everything required, or as close to it as possible, will ensure your recruiter can work to place you, or can work with you to complete any missing pieces. See Travel Nursing Requirements for more info on experience, your nursing file, and sought-after personal qualities.
  • Be a professional. This should go without saying, but it is surprising the unprofessional things some travel nurses do and say when a recruiter starts working with them. Just keep the obvious things in mind: You are working with another professional, not a personal assistant, a sibling, a parent or a therapist. Your recruiter represents the agency that employs you, so behaving accordingly will go much further during your quest for a job.
  • Commit to your decision. Congrats, you got a great job offer. Now you need to be sure you can follow through before you accept, because few things are worse for your employment record than accepting a job and signing a contract only to cancel after a few days because you weren’t really ready. Placement agencies will often cease to work with you following a broken contract, so be sure your family and other life commitments can handle it if you take an assignment.

Speak With a Recruiter about Landing Your Next Travel Nurse Job

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