Telemetry Travel Nursing

Telemetry is the area of nursing concerned with the remote measurement of bodily systems and vital signs, usually heart rhythm patterns. Telemetry travel nurses use non-invasive leads hooked up to electrocardiogram equipment (ECG, or a heart monitor) to measure a patient’s heart activity. They typically manage around 5 patients, using a specialized station from which they can monitor all of their patients’ vital measurements at once, responding to unusual changes in patterns with appropriate treatments. Telemetry travel nurses usually work with patients who have recovered from heart attacks or heart surgery, making their expertise a vital part of a hospital nursing department.

Because of the sensitive nature of this specialty, telemetry travel nurses receive specialized education and certification in cardiac telemetry. They may work alongside nurses in other specialties, such as ICU travel nurses and medical-surgical travel nurses, who may also refer to the electrocardiogram readouts.

Besides measuring heart activity, telemetry travel nurses also monitor blood pressure, blood-oxygen levels and breathing rates, ensuring the patient’s vital signs are functioning as smoothly as possible.

Important Skills for Telemetry Travel Nurses

  • Using and maintaining ECG (or EKG) equipment
  • Constant watchfulness over patients’ vital signs
  • Ability to recognize and react to heart attacks and other heart ailments
  • Knowledge of heart medications and other heart-related treatments

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