Pediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Travel Nursing

Pediatric intensive care can be one of the most challenging areas of travel nursing, as well as one of the most invigorating. PICU travel nurses are similar to ICU travel nurses and NICU travel nurses in that they work with patients in need of close monitoring and attention. However, PICU travel nurses care for critically ill children. Their patients range from infants to teenagers, often in post-operation situations. While the unavoidable loss of life is enough to discourage some travel nurses from PICU nursing, many others find the emotional drive to help their patients exciting and rewarding.

PICU nurses may care for children suffering from severe illnesses, respiratory and cardiac conditions, drug overdoses, medication complications, post-operative issues and many other ailments. A broad array of skills and experience in many different aspects of medicine is important. Also similar to ICU and NICU, communicating with and assisting distressed parents is a major aspect of this nursing specialty.

Important Skills for PICU Travel Nurses

  • Ability to recognize and diagnose a wide range of conditions
  • Knowledge of anesthesia and pain medications
  • Knowledge of cross-medication complications
  • Familiarity with heart monitoring equipment and other equipment
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work with children ranging from infancy to teens

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