Pediatric Travel Nursing

Pediatric travel nurses care for children in hospital and emergency settings, and sometimes within the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). They diagnose illness, injury and other conditions, perform checkups, and inform parents about their child’s health. Unlike PICU travel nurses, however, pediatric travel nurses are not always necessarily dealing with emergency situations. For this reason, some travel nurses find pediatric nursing to be one of the more enjoyable travel nurse specialties. These nurses care for children without as much mortality risk, and are more often delivering reassuring news to parents.

Pediatric travel nursing is an important role because of its importance in ensuring healthy development of children, and in spotting health issues before they can develop into damaging, irreversible conditions. Pediatric travel nurses must be able to identify and treat these conditions with children, as well as have the bedside manner to deal with children and their parents.

Important Skills for Pediatric Travel Nurses

  • Routine development check-ups
  • Health maintenance exams
  • Providing immunization treatments
  • Diagnosis of common childhood illnesses
  • Providing care for children who are in poor health or critical condition

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