Operating Room (OR) Travel Nursing

OR travel nurses (also called perioperative travel nurses) have a tough but rewarding job. The operating room is a tense place where everything needs to be clean, quick and organized. Consequently, an operating room travel nurse has to be fast, capable and resourceful.

Operating room travel nurses care for patients before, during and after surgery. They perform tasks ranging from handling instruments and preparing the operating room to assisting the surgeon with procedures. OR travel nurses work in hospital surgical departments, ambulatory surgical units and physicians’ clinics.

Operating room nurses can take a few different forms. Scrub nurses handle instruments during the procedure, while circulating nurses oversee the general operating room environment and make sure the procedure runs smoothly. The RN first assistant works directly with the surgeon to control bleeding and provide wound care and suturing during the procedure itself. An OR travel nurse may play any of these roles, depending on their experience and the preference of the surgical team.

Important Skills for OR Travel Nurses

  • Surgical Knowledge
  • Knowledge of Tools and Instruments
  • Physical Stamina
  • Problem-Solving and Teamwork Skills

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