Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) Travel Nursing

Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) travel nurses are similar to ICU travel nurses in that they work with patients in intensive care. However, NICU travel nurses work with newborns, taking care of infants born either pre-term, or with complications requiring them to be placed into intensive care. These travel nurses make use of advanced medical technology and sensitive procedures to ensure neonatal infants have the best possible chance of surviving and developing into healthy children.

This travel nursing specialty is more challenging than most because NICU travel nurses are both treating small, delicate newborns and reporting progress to the parents, which can be a difficult aspect of the job. However, seeing a sick newborn recover to grow into a healthy baby can be one of the most rewarding nursing experiences.

Neonatal Intensive Care travel nurses work alongside respiratory therapists and other specialist nurses, usually in their own hospital unit.

Important Skills for NICU Travel Nurses

  • Experience caring for infants and newborns
  • Knowledge of respiratory conditions and treatments
  • Knowledge of cardiac conditions and therapies
  • Knowledge of infant medications
  • Skill with handling distressed parents

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