Medical / Surgical (Med/Surg) Travel Nursing

Medical-surgical travel nursing (sometimes shortened to med/surg) is the most fundamental discipline in travel nursing. Medical-surgical travel nurses have traditionally taken care of patients in hospitals before and after surgery, but the specialty has expanded to include nearly all aspects of adult patient care in a variety of settings, such as physicians’ clinics, nursing homes, HMOs, outpatient centers, surgical centers and other areas. Med-surg travel nurses may manage as many as 7 patients at once, though 4-5 patients is more common.

Medical-surgical nursing is a broad specialty compared with other travel nursing specialties, and med/surg nurses make up the largest population of registered nurses in healthcare. They are needed by every hospital, though because of their numbers, they are often in lower demand than more rare nursing specialties.

Important Skills for Med/Surg Travel Nurses

  • Broad knowledge of a variety of aspects of healthcare
  • Ability to recognize a wide range of symptoms and diseases
  • Basic surgical knowledge
  • Pain management
  • Nursing care plan administration
  • Flexibility in clinical environment

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