Labor and Delivery (L&D) Travel Nursing

Labor and delivery travel nurses (also called L&D travel nurses) have easily the most popular job in travel nursing, and one of the most in-demand. Labor and delivery travel nurses work with expectant mothers before and during birth, assisting them afterward with basic infant care instructions.

Before childbirth, the L&D travel nurse may escort the mother into the delivery room, walk her through the birth process verbally, and prepare her for the delivery. During childbirth the nurse provides emotional support to the mother, as well as clinical support to the delivering doctor and other medical personnel. After childbirth, the L&D travel nurse instructs the mother on how to take care of the child, providing advice on breastfeeding, cleaning, and infant sleeping patterns.

The role of a labor and delivery travel nurse may vary depending on a particular hospital’s travel needs. Their duties may also include antipartum care, in which the nurse takes care of expectant mothers experiencing pregnancy complications; nursery care, in which the nurse cares for the newborn infants while apart from the mother; as well as other areas related to the delivery.

Important Skills for L&D Travel Nurses

  • Childcare knowledge and instincts
  • Ability to care for patients in high-anxiety situations
  • Quick decision-making abilities
  • Strong communication skills
  • Broad knowledge of procedures related to childbirth
  • Knowledge of delivery-related medications

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