Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Travel Nursing

ICU travel nursing is also referred to as critical care (CCU), intensive therapy or intensive treatment (ITU) nursing. These travel nurses care for critically ill or injured patients who need intensive monitoring, organ support, respiratory support or other high-level care.

ICU travel nurses are often working with patients who have been brought in with life-threatening conditions or have been transferred from the emergency room. These patients need to be cared for closely, needing frequent checking-up or possibly frequent assistance with bandages, catheters or IV drips. Besides caring for patients, ICU travel nurses nurses also pay attention to monitoring devices, listening for alerts when they are not in direct contact with patients.

ICU travel nursing can be challenging due to the potential for loss of patients’ lives, which is sometimes unavoidable. However, the payoff of watching patients overcome severe injury to see a full recovery can make it a rewarding area of travel nursing.

Important Skills for ICU Travel Nurses

  • CPR / First Aid
  • Shock Treatment
  • Anesthesia
  • Condition Diagnosis
  • Disease Identification
  • Equipment Knowledge

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