Emergency Room (ER) Travel Nursing

Emergency room nursing is one of the most exciting and demanding areas of travel nursing. ER travel nurses have to be versed in a variety of emergency procedures surrounding acute trauma, severe illness, shock and other serious conditions. ER travel nurses never know who their next patient is going to be, and have to be ready to handle anything from minor cuts and injuries to major emergency procedures.

Since ER travel nurses may deal with a wide range of conditions, from minor scrapes, cuts and burns to major trauma and life-threatening injuries, these travel nurses must be calm under pressure and willing to work quickly and efficiently. They must also have enough experience to know how to handle a wide variety of situations. With ER travel nursing, having real-world experience is key. Because as is true in many other fields, nursing schools can only prepare you for by-the-book scenarios. And as one day as an emergency room travel nurse can show you, things are rarely by the book.

ER nurses mostly practice in hospital emergency rooms, but they can also practice in urgent care centers, on ambulance and helicopter teams, as part of a poison control unit, in the military, and in many other areas. They earn a typical travel nurse salary depending mostly on their contract.

Important Skills for ER Travel Nurses

  • Cardiac Support
  • Pediatric Support
  • Respiratory Assessment
  • ECG and EKG Interpretation
  • IV Skills

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