Benefits of Becoming an RN

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If you’re a travel nurse or other nursing professional, becoming a registered nurse is one of the most empowering career moves you can make. An RN license can grant you greater career flexibility, more advancement options and higher pay rates, and even allows you to move into other areas of healthcare with greater ease.

As a whole, registered nurses (RNs) make up the largest health care profession today. Unlike certified nurse assistants (CNAs) and licensed practical or vocational nurses (LVN/LPNs), RNs can pursue professional specialties, concentrating in fields such as pediatrics, labor and delivery, public health or emergency room patient care. Also unlike most unlicensed nurses, RNs have access to supervisory positions, and can even open their own nursing care businesses.

Here are a few key benefits to getting your RN license, for any nurse or healthcare professional considering travel nursing as a career option.

1) Career flexibility. RNs have many professional directions they can go, if they desire. Since an RN license is the basic requirement for higher-level nursing professions, nearly any area of nursing is a possibility to licensed RNs. Specialties can include specific medical conditions (such as mental disorders, diabetes or cancer), population segments (such as children or the elderly), or specific nurse functions (such as patient care, public education or case management).

2) More advancement opportunity. Since RNs manage most other types of nurses, including other RNs, an RN license opens up many opportunities for advancement unavailable to lower-level nurses. Registered nurses may be in charge of a hospital department, a whole hospital, or an entire division of a healthcare provider. They may also start their own nursing care businesses.

3) Higher salaries. While LPNs and CNAs usually earn between $25,000 and $40,000 annually, most registered nurses earn between $60k and $78k per year, and many earn upward of $90,000 annually. Nurse Anesthetists are known for being the most highly paid nurses in healthcare, and regularly earn between $136k and $156k annually, according to salary statistics. Because of the higher demand for their expertise, the many specialties they can hold, and the level of care expected from them, registered nurses more than make up for every cent and every bit of effort they spend on getting their RN license.

For more information on becoming a registered nurse, see How to Become an RN.

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