About Us

Travel RN Jobs is a free resource for registered nurses seeking travel assignments in the US. It serves as a connection between travel RNs and recruitment specialists who have access to open positions in hospitals across the country.

What Does Travel RN Jobs Do?

Travel RN Jobs has relationships with recruiters at leading US travel nurse placement agencies, and serves as a direct link from jobseeking travel nurses to those agencies.

Travel RN Jobs does not provide job listings, since listings are time-sensitive and often not representative of the current travel nurse employment landscape. On this site, Featured Jobs represent ongoing recruitment efforts by hospitals that frequently hire new travel nurses. Information about specific openings at these hospitals is available through recruiters.

How Do I Find Placement as a Travel Nurse?

Getting started is simple. Use our contact form to be connected with a recruiter today, find out about current openings, and begin your travel nursing adventure.

Other Questions?

Travel RN Jobs can be contacted via email here. Sorry, we cannot answer questions about specific openings or job requirements.