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Getting Started with Travel Nursing

Here are the basics you need to know before you begin your travel nursing adventure.

Travel Nursing Agencies – what they are, and why it is a good idea to use one

Travel Nurse Requirements – what you need before being placed into a travel nurse job

Travel Nurse Salary – a quick overview, for your information

Travel Nurse Specialties – an overview, in case you haven’t settled on yours

If you’re familiar with all of the above, you’re ready to speak with a recruiter!

Travel RN Jobs is the travel nurse’s direct online resource for travel nurse recruiting and placement into great travel nursing jobs, without the burden of job hunting. No listings, no searching, no stress. Just a professional travel nurse recruiter who works to place you into travel nurse jobs across the country.

Travel RN Jobs serves the entire continental United States, connecting licensed travel RNs with experienced travel nurse recruiters at qualified travel nursing agencies who work to find excellent travel nurse jobs, so you don’t have to. Recruiters have access to thousands of travel nursing jobs at hospitals across the country — travel nursing jobs that may not even be listed. If you are a licensed registered nurse with a sense of adventure, the desire to do great work where it’s needed most, and the need to find travel nursing jobs now, you can be put in touch with a travel nursing recruiter who will find the job assignment you’re looking for. Travel nursing jobs are available in ER nursing, OR nursing, L&D nursing, and other travel nurse specialties.

What is Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing is a fun, exciting and lucrative way to experience a nursing career on the go. Imagine working three-month travel nursing jobs in hospitals across the country, from New York to Miami, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle or anywhere in between. You could perform your RN job specialty alongside other travel nurses, permanent hospital nurses, and even that travel nursing buddy you run into from time to time. Build lasting friendships that span the continent as you work travel nurse jobs from coastline to coastline, all while earning a competitive travel nurse salary and enjoying generous benefits such as free housing, health insurance, 401(k) and more.

All you need is your RN license, a suitcase, and the freedom to experience the most thrilling nursing profession imaginable. Learn more about travel nursing.

travel nursing jobs